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Facts You Must Know If You’re Thinking of Working as a Travel Nurse

The US healthcare industry is facing an impending Nursing shortage and the demand for various nursing professionals is on an all-time high. And, with more and more people opting for caregiving services at home or while they are on the move, it has created a high demand for Travel Nurses. As a dedicated medical staffing agency, Vibrant Healthcare Staffing, helps professionals get the best role and assignments with a range of options to choose from. If you’re a fresh graduate or an experienced nursing professional travel nursing opens door to a host of new opportunities and benefits. We bring you 6 most important things that you must know about travel nursing if you’re thinking of becoming one yourself.

  1. Travel Nurses Earn Twice Than Regular Nurses – Yes, you heard that right. The annual salary that travel nurses make is more than double the salary of a registered nurse.  On an average, a travel nurse can earn up to $100,000 per year while a regular registered nurse makes around $43,0000 per year. That’s huge, isn’t it? But that’s not all because working as a travel nurse you’re are also more likely to get many other benefits like tax-free stipends, a bonus, healthcare benefits and more. Professionals working with Vibrant Healthcare Staffing also make more than their counterparts because we bring only the select and best opportunities.
2. Flexible Work – As a travel nurse, you have complete control to choose from a range of assignments and also your work timing. That means you get to decide which months or weeks you’re going to work. You get the option to choose an assignment with a schedule that suits your requirements. This certainly provides you an edge over regular fixed jobs as in case you want to have some time for yourself and your family, working as a travel nurse you can take months off from work without impacting your career.

3.Opportunity To Travel – If you like to see new places, working as a travel Nurse you can have your dreams fulfill and without paying for travel and accommodation. Once you pick an assignment your agency takes care of your tickets and of course your stay. And while you’re done with your day’s work you can always explore a new place with each assignment.

4.Not a monotonous job– Working as a travel nurse with an agency you don’t get to do the same repetitive tasks all day and every day. Every assignment is different and it makes the job more interesting and as traveling is involved, seeing a new place and new people on every assignment is nothing less than an adventure itself.  

5.No Dealing With The Management – Working at a medical center or at a hospital involves facing the management and it may not always be your way. As a travel nurse, you don’t have to worry about any such workplace politics and avoid getting involved in witnessing the same faces every day.

6.Helps Build Your Resume – Being a travel nurse despite everything is challenging in its own unique ways. But, at the end of it you also get diverse experience that actually helps you build your own strong professional resume. With each assignment and new experience, you advance your career and professional growth.

Working as a travel nurse you should also be aware that while it may sound to be lucrative, which it is, it may not be for everyone as it involves traveling and visiting new places, meeting new people and having a constantly changing work environment. Also, it is very important to work with a right agency when you think of working as a travel nurse.

Vibrant healthcare Staffing not only helps you get an opportunity but we also help you understand the work dynamics and guide you in the process of getting into a new role. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work as a Travel Nurse, you can visit Vibrant Healthcare Staffing and look no further