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Advantages of Working with a Medical Staffing Agency

Our Healthcare sector constantly requires skilled medical professionals  and with years of experience helping the best talents get better opportunities to leverage their skills and advance their career, at Vibrant Healthcare we make the process of getting a new role seamless and easy. With a medical staffing agency you certainly have some clear advantages because you not only save yourselves the hassles of searching for opportunities and tediously spending valuable hours in the process, but you can also get professional counselling and advice along with a host of new work opportunities to choose from. At Vibrant healthcare we are always there to help you make  a better decision. There are a number of good reasons why you should choose working with a medical staffing agency. Here’s a rundown of 5 exciting advantages that you have working with a medical staffing agency.
  1. You decide your timings – With agencies you decide your own work timings as you get a number of different opportunities to choose from. That means you decide your schedule and the days you would want off.This is crucial as you have all the freedom to follow your own lifestyle and not let your work timings force you to compromise with anything that is more important to you.
  1. Earn Extra Income – A medical staffing agency can help you get an opportunity to make some extra income with few fixed hours of work every week. At Vibrant Healthcare we also have part-time and flexible work hour offers, which means that with us you could work few hours and make some side income, apart from your regular or main engagements. So, if you’re a student, or you’ve got a part-time but fixed job somewhere, working with a medical staffing agency could get you a perfect opportunity.
  1. Chance To travel – Medical Staffing Agencies often have requirements for travel nurses and that could also turn out to be an exclusive opportunity to travel. If you’re into exploring new places, you could see your dreams fulfilled without having to shell those extra bucks for traveling and accommodation. Moreover, working as a travel nurse you get to earn over 60% more than an average nurse. Also, working as a travel nurse is extremely exciting as the job involves working with new people and in new roles with each assignment.

Medical Staffing services play a significant role in bringing together the agencies, medical centers and hospitals, and all those aspiring to work in the healthcare sector. Their services contribute to keeping our Health Care Industry in place as staffing is paramount to cater to the needs of our increasingly ailing population.  

At Vibrant Healthcare, we understand the responsibility and we are pouring in our expertise, dedication, and years of experience in medical staffing; our pledge is to provide top of the line staffing medical staffing services.  

While there are many medical staffing services operating with similar goals, we excel in our execution and operations through our prompt and organized recruitment and screening processes coupled with our strong belief in professional work ethics and adherence to a strict code of conduct. Our medical staffing services stand out and ahead.

  1. Plenty Of Tax deductions – The income you make working as a service nurse or a medical practitioner allows you to save significantly on your taxes. That’s because you get several tax deductions which are not available for employees from other sectors. These tax deductions eventually add to your income and while with any other job you would have to part with a considerable percentage of your income ,working with a medical staffing agency in the healthcare sector you get to save more.


  1. Great Remuneration -Working with a medical staffing agency you actually get to make more than  pay per hour. Trained nursing staffs make an average of $55 an hour working with an agency. That’s well above the general average. At Vibrant Healthcare we make sure that we bring to you the best jobs from across the healthcare sector. Moreover, professionals working with Vibrant Healthcare find themselves landing a work opportunity that pays well above the average.
However, it is also important to understand that working in the health sector calls for responsibility and a certain level of sincerity. If you think you’ve some extra hours that you could put to use for getting some extra income, then working with a medical staffing agency can surely turn out to be a great opportunity. Also, if you want to work full-time with quite some months of commitment, there’s a good news – due to an impending nursing shortage, there is a huge requirement for nursing staffs. To make it easy and help you get the best opportunities, Vibrant healthcare has also partnered with top medical centers that are constantly looking for professionals to join them.